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Celebrating 25 years

For more than 25 years, Wise Owl has helped businesses achieve meaningful and lasting success on a variety of topics from Finance to Analytics to QuickBooks, Excel, and other Microsoft Software.

Our Online Seminars replicate a classroom workshop. We focus on providing the communication and interaction seen in a classroom and have convenient online and on-demand options.

Seminars and Webinars

The industry leading spreadsheet program
Microsoft Excel is a powerful data visualization and analysis tool. Take your analytics to the next level with Excel.
Formulas and Functions
Formulas and functions are the core of Microsoft. This course includes tricks and tips for creating formulas and uses real-world scenarios.  Discover the 5 most important functions, automation, and formulas.
Pivot Tables
Pivot Tables and Power Pivot are quickly becoming one of the most used features.  See what these tools can do for you. They are particularly useful in summarizing data. They can find patterns, create quick and accurate reports, and allow for interaction and quick reorganization of data.
Analysis with Excel
Learn proven techniques for effective analysis by uncovering hidden relationships, patterns, and trends   Determine the correct approach for exploring your data to achieve accurate results.  Master analysis and reporting from data cleansing to visualization.
Charts and Graphs
No report is complete without the visualization of charts and graphs. Typical courses on Excel are all about numbers. But tons of numbers are not the most effective way to communicate.  Master the art of creating an effective report with today’s best practices for charts and graphs.
Use data to improve your processes
The data your organization creates is a valuable resource.  Learn how to harness it effectively.
Mastering Analytics
Become an analytics expert and learn how to collect the critical data needed to gain an advantage in data strategy. Discover concepts and techniques for organizing, cleaning, analyzing, and representing large amounts of data, along with knowledge of database systems, and data mining tools.
Visualizing Data
Understand what data visualization is and how you can use it to interpret data. Learn practical data visualization techniques, tips, and tricks while examining the fundamental concepts of data visualization, identifying, and applying the various tools available.
Organizing your Data
Data analysis is one of the most critical skills in business. Strategic thinking, decision making and problem solving all depend on essential analytical findings.  Not only do we need good sources of data, but we need skills that allow us to explore and interpret results. Gain proven techniques for effective analysis by learning how to uncover hidden relationships, patterns, and trends.
The Science of Planning and the Art of Recording Finances
Focus on planning, directing the financial transactions for your organization, and reporting on those transactions.
Finance for Non-Financial Managers
Every manager must understand the financial aspects of every important decisions. Gain an understanding of finance and become a more effective business leader. Master the time-honored knowledge of key financial concepts, Quickbooks, and how they apply to your situation.
Understanding Financial Statments
Everyone in management needs to understand how to read and analyze financial statements to get an accurate understanding of a firm’s financial strength. These statements support decisions, evaluate trends, set policy, and identify projects for investment. Discover the most common types of financial analysis and how to read your statements.
Forecasting in Uncertain Times
Uncertainty is opportunity.  An essential step in forecasting is to map uncertainty.  Forecasting allows for adjustments in operations and finances by analyzing the internal and economic environments. Our present influences the future. Use history and current results to create assumptions for the future.
Planning and Budgets
When sudden shifts in the economy happen, an inaccurate budget can mean big trouble for your business—or much worse. The economic climate, environmental disasters and prolonged inflation are just a few of the many setbacks that can dramatically impact your future expenses. The emphasis is not on how to compare budgets to actuals for variances, but how to accurately predict costs.
Enhance critical thinking skills
Your business’ future is directed by the decisions made everyday within the organization. Each choice advances one outcome while eliminating others.
Critical Thinking
Critical thinking yields real and immediate returns that impact your career and life. Training in the principles of logic helps to clarify assumptions, beliefs, opinions, and values.
Problem Solving
Problem solving is the essence of what leaders do. Learn how to solve problems effectively with this wide range of problem-solving tools and techniques.
Project Management
This project management course is designed to address the growing demand for managers who can use results-based approaches to implement and manage an ever-growing range of programs and projects. Projects are measured by monitoring facts and status. Project management is measured by monitoring actual conduct vs. a model and quality of decision making.
Elevtate your Organization’s Communication
Learn to write with a purpose. Provide clear, relevant information to help get your message across effectively.
Technical Writing
Developing technical writing skills to communicate is an especially valuable skill.  The process of relaying technical and analytical reports in a way your audience can understand is the true goal. Learn current trends and best practices evolving around brevity and clarity.  Enhance your language and presentation skills to reflect today’s new world needs.
Grammar and Punctuation
Writing is one of the most important skills in business.  Writing well creates a clear vision, positive imprint, and successful career.  Words are the author’s power tools; editing and proofreading create a notable work of art.  Become the expert by learning the best strategies for writing. Recognize the significance of proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation.

About Wise Owl

My passion is teaching

My skills are in finance and data management. I have 20 years of business and analytical training coupled with 30 years in financial analysis and administration.

Over the past 20 years, my analytical skills became well-rounded for today’s global environment with international training. This training includes technical and writing skills customized to meet today’s virtual delivery.



  • CFO for International Firm
  • Awarded Corporate Trainer
  • Course Developer for Analysis, Finance, and advanced MS Excel
  • Published author and columnist on technical training for Users
  • Strong Administrative background
  • Unique and extensive knowledge of business
Instructional Topics
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Data Analysis
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel
  • The Computer Cache
  • Office Smarts
  • Foundations of Finance
  • MS Office Certification
  • Analytics in MS Excel
  • Database Optimization
  • QuickBooks Accounting

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